Lago Santo | 112

Perfect for a short jump into the water

60.8 km
1600 m
1600 m
6 h 18 min

From Tramin through the orchards and vineyards to Salurn. Here is the language border, the end of the German cultural area. The Haderburg castle stuck to the limestone cliffs bears witness to an eventful history. But you continue driving many kilometers uphill towards Buchholz and after a few kilometers turn right to the Salomonhöfe. From here you continue on gravel to Passo Sauch and then again on asphalt to reach Lago Santo. In summer it invites you to take a swim, otherwise it lies there quietly and contemplatively. Continue on the European long-distance path E5 in the direction of Gfrill/Cauria (Fichtenhof) and then briefly uphill again to the Gfrillner Sattel. Here a trail descent of the finest to Neumarkt awaits you.

Relaxation at Lago Santo

A long tour, try to start early

Delicious lunch at the Fichtenhof. (Gfrill, on about 2/3 of the tour)

Pit Stop: Fichtenhof, Gfrill

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