The people behind the scenes

We think: A hotel can only be as great as the people behind it. That’s why we try every day to be especially great for your vacation. The Traminerhof is more than a stylish structure with modern rooms and chic bar, namely a place for real encounters, honest tips and casual conversations.


Armin basically made us what we are today. Already in 1993 he turned the Traminerhof into a bike hotel and thus set the course for our current philosophy of life and business “Good Life. Cool Ride.”. He managed to turn his hobby into his profession and still loves to show our guests our region on the MTB.


Evi, the good soul of the house. She puts so much passion into what she does that we are always impressed anew. Whether it is her sweet and tasty treats at breakfast or the loving decoration in all corners of the Traminerhof. At home, too, she likes to spoil her loved ones with savory delicacies and creates a feel-good atmosphere.


Junior chef Andreas has left his mark on us. During the last renovation, he implemented his hip ideas and brought fresh air to the Traminerhof. The new image, the Bar62 and the new lobby area are his work. His big goal is to make your holiday as real as possible, and he has had a lot of ideas for this.


Fabian, our IT student, barist, bike guide, photo and video expert… – we could go on with the list forever. He is a true all-rounder, normally he studies in Vienna, but when he is with us he helps out where he can.

Founder Rita and her husband Erwin

Grandma Rita built the Traminerhof in 1962 as the first hotel in Tramin with around 70 guest beds – something great for the time. She managed the hotel together with her husband Erwin for many years with a lot of passion, heart and soul. Today she still likes to help out in the hotel. She washes the biker clothes for our guests every day. So that they always have fresh clothes for cycling.

Erwin managed the Traminerhof together with Rita from the beginning. His secret passion was building and so numerous improvements in the hotel are thanks to him. Today, one of his favourite tasks is taking the old guests. He never says no to an afternoon with a Brettljause (snack) at the Tiefenbrunner winery in Kurtatsch 😊


Our dear Nadja from the waiter team loves to spend her time in nature. She enjoys hiking or discovering the surroundings on the exciting via ferrata routes.
On vacation, however, she prefers backpacking through Asia to explore delicious vegan cuisine.
If you can’t find her at home cuddling her two cats, look for her at the next punk rock concert.


Nadia is our receptionist and therefore the heart of the Traminerhof. She always welcomes our guests with a smile on her face and takes care of every guest request. When it comes to organising something, Nadia always has the best ideas. In her free time, she likes to go cycling or spend time with her nieces.


Iris welcomes you when you first enter the hotel with her warm smile and her cheerful manner. She is always ready to help you and always has an open ear for your wishes and concerns. In her free time Iris likes to go for walks with her dog Jackie and in summer she loves to visit the surrounding swimming lakes.


Vera is also part of our team of waiters. Exploring other countries and discovering beautiful landscapes is one of Vera’s passions. Whether she is in the mountains in winter or at the beach in summer, Vera loves to take pictures. Her snapshots always entice us to dream…


Calm and balanced is our Mara. She started her time with us at the reception, but now she has exchanged the phone with the shaker and surprises you with her drinks. In her free time, she likes to bake and play the clarinet in the music band in Auer.

OUr Cocktail queen

Eva is our bartender and the face of our Bar62. She mixes and shakes the most delicious cocktails and always likes to experiment with new recipes, ingredients and combinations. She is also very interested in herbs and can tell you a lot about medicinal plants.

Our favorite Bike guide

Our bike guide Davide loves to be on the trails of our region. The funny guy likes to accompany you on your guided tours and always has an amusing saying at the ready. If he’s not on a bike tour with you, he’s taking care of his orchards and vines in the little village of Graun.


Matze is our young, dynamic chef. He surprises us again and again with creative dishes and a mix of South Tyrolean and Italian cuisine. The dishes please not only the eye, but also your palate. Matze is a calm and level-headed guy who is always up for a good time and always in a funny mood! In his free time he likes to climb the mountain peaks and if he still finds some time, it’s for him on the soccer field or fishing.


Along with Zumra, Sudesna and Tina, Lejla completes our housekeeping team.
Born in northern Macedonia, she is a bit shy, but always has a beautiful smile on her face, lots of zest for life, and fun at work.
Last year her wedding bells rang and since then she enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her husband.


If there were an inventory of the hotel, Renate would probably also be on the list. The loyal soul has been with us for a long time and it is impossible to imagine the kitchen crew without her. She enjoys spending her free time with her children and grandchildren.


Goutam always makes sure the dishes and pots are clean. With him, our kitchen team is complete and everything runs like clockwork. In the winter months, he always goes to his home country Bangladesh, where he enjoys spending time with his family.


Our lively Selena is a true multi-talent. She usually serves you at breakfast and dinner, but from time to time you will also find her at the front desk. When she’s not walking her dog Sammy, in her free time she enjoys playing sports with friends and hiking. In winter, she loves to spend her time on the ice as an avid amateur skater.


Our dear Simon is already sporty early in the morning. He comes to the breakfast service by bike to cheerfully serve you a cappuccino afterwards 😊 He also enjoys cycling on his holidays. He is currently cycling with his buddy all the way to Vienna. Simon is a firefighter with heart and soul; if there’s a fire somewhere, he’s on the spot.


Simon, our motivated chef, likes to spend his time out of the kitchen with friends, his newborn grandchild, or at the gym.
The right music should always be with him: aside from country music, you can expect everything on his playlist.
When he is not at work, he likes to travel. He particularly likes the Spanish atmosphere.


Wiktoria was born in Poland and has lived in South Tyrol with her fiancé for several years. She now enriches our service team with her friendly nature. She always has a nice smile on her lips, exudes a pleasant calm and is hard to upset. Since her studies in food technology, she has a fondness for good food.
To relax, he likes to use the home gym, read a good book or watch a movie comfortably on the sofa.


Vanessa is a real power woman. She is a mother of 2 children and always there for them. With a hearty smile she welcomes you in the morning at the breakfast table and fulfills your wishes. Her good mood is infectious and gives you a wonderful start to the day.


Daniel is part of our excellent team of chefs. He and Chef Simon have known each other for many years, so they are a well-coordinated team.
Good humor is guaranteed when Daniel is part of the party. He is full of culinary ideas and loves to experiment with them at work.
In his spare time he plays sports and travels the world. Daniel is also interested in cars, especially classic cars.


Busy as a bee is our room fairy Sudeshna. She always keeps an eye on all arrivals and departures and, together with her team, they make every corner of the Traminerhof shine. Sudeshna also has a real talent for cooking – especially Indian cuisine. If you need a recipe tip, just ask her.


Zumra has been part of our housekeeping team for many years.She carefully cleans the rooms diligently and makes the whole house shine. Before she became part of the housekeeping team, she enjoyed working in the kitchen for several years and helped wherever she could. She loves to spend her free time with her family.


For those who know him, Egon is simply Egon. As the only one in the team without a fixed schedule, but with a lot of cordiality, Egon is always present and available for a chat. Most afternoons he sits in the lobby and makes sure that all guests are taken care of. Additionally, Egon takes care behind the scenes for the refilling of our service fridges.


Tina is the fourth member of our housekeeping team. She is always at work with full enthusiasm and does the cleaning with the highest care. The shy Macedonian is a young mother of three children, who are her greatest pride and joy.


Henning comes from Saarland, Germany and has already joined us on holiday a few times. He felt so at home here that he became part of our kitchen team. From guest to work colleague, so to speak. On his days off, you can usually find Henning climbing. He also enjoys riding his bike over the trails, travelling a lot and skiing in winter. Of course, he loves good food and spoils us daily with his cooking skills. We are thrilled that he is part of our team.


Burhan has been looking after the house and garden for many years now. He takes care of all our plants in the garden. He has a love for spicy food. He doesn’t only like to eat them, but he also enjoys cooking spicy from time to time.


Georg enriches our reception team again this summer with his kind and honest character. He attends business school in Bolzano. Georg lives on Lake Caldaro, loves to ride his Vespa and play sports. In particular, he enjoys playing handball and working out in the gym. Georg also has a passion for firefighting and is always on the scene when there is a fire.

There are other cool personalities behind the scenes, but they don’t want to present themselves online. For us, that’s totally fine and you can be excited to meet them all in person 😊