What to expect

The Traminerhof is a place which instantaneously feels like home away from home.  There is an open, friendly, and genuine atmosphere in the hotel. Yes, well spotted: the hotel is a bit different from all the others you have stayed in so far. Different – but how? Cheekier? Maybe cooler? You cannot quite put your finger on it, but as soon as you meet the people working here, you will get it.
It is not like they are forced to work here – they love it, and would like to help you out in preparing your perfect holiday. Hospitality here knows no equals. Take our word for it.


The proof is in the pudding

Food can either make or break your holiday. If the food is sub-par, you will be in a right old mood for the rest of the trip, and only have bad memories about your holiday. That is why our food is not only good but it is mouth-watering good. Our team in the kitchen is simply the best, cooking up delicious meals both in the morning and evening. Get ready for a pleasant surprise!

Relax and enjoy

Cooling down at the hotel

Believe it or not, summers can be quite hot here: 38°C in the shade, to be precise. But what goes up must come down – as in biking, so in temperatures. And what better way to cool off than our outdoor pool? Dive in to keep the relentless heat at bay.
You can also make the most of our indoor swimming pool area and saunas beside our outdoor pool and deckchairs. What is the secret behind all this wellbeing extravaganza? Do nothing and just go with the flow. You will not regret it.

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