When there is the lake, I don’t need the sea anymore…

In the south of South Tyrol and thus in the area around Tramin there are many lakes to be discovered. Grab your swimming gear and let’s go!

Tramin Kalterer See


View from tramin

Lake Caldaro

Lake Caldaro is only 5 km away and is easy to reach on foot, by bike, bus or car. The lake is situated at 220 m and is the warmest alpine lake, making it ideal for swimming and windsurfing. If you like it quieter, place yourself on the east side of the lake and enjoy swimming at the “Klughammer” lawn. On the west side, on the other hand, there’s already more going on: several sunbathing lawns, Lido, restaurants, cafés, shops… for those who like it a little busier.

Montiggler See



Lakes of Montiggl

Montiggl belongs to Eppan and is about 20 km from the Traminerhof. There are two lakes to discover: the small and the big Montiggl lake. Both lakes have an excellent water quality and are ideal for swimming. There are also marked paths leading past them and you can easily reach the lakes on foot or by bike. Our preferred stop is the restaurant at the Small Montiggler Lake which offers a bathing beach and excellent cuisine.



Lakes of Fennberg

The winding mountain road takes you from the little village of Kurtatsch through forests, meadows, vineyards and orchards to the high plateau of Fennberg. The highlight up there is certainly the small Fennberg bathing lake. Since 1977, the Fennberger See has been a protected area due to its enormous botanical and faunistic value. However, a small jetty offers the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear moor water with a panoramic view of the small church and the surrounding mountains. Water lilies, reeds and dragonflies gather around the lake. Easy to reach from Tramin by car or racing bike. Usually you can swim between May and September.

Goeller See



Lake Göller

Lake Göller is located in Aldein (approx. 15 km from Tramin). From the village you can reach the Göllersee via a forest path – which is also suitable for prams. The idyllic moorish-green, but clean forest lake is a treasure for all those who like to hike a little and enjoy a lot. A refreshing recommendation for warm late summer days at almost 1100 metres above sea level. Not suitable as a destination in late spring and early summer, as there are usually many ticks.



Lago Santo

The Lago Santo is located in the Cembra Valley at an altitude of almost 1200 m. The quiet forest lake owes its name to a legend. According to the legend there was once a plot of land on the site of the lake. This became the object of dispute between heirs. One of the heirs, in his desperation, finally wished that the property should be turned into a lake. From that moment on, so much water came out of the ground that it threatened to flood the Cembra housing estate. Because of the danger, the villagers set out for the property. When the priest threw the Madonna’s ring to the ground, the water calmed down. Since that time, this place has been called Lago Santo, meaning “the holy lake”. You can reach the lake by car via the Cembra Valley or by bicycle via Salurn and Gfrill.