palms and mountain summits as far as the eye can see

Hiking to your heart’s content

Termeno is the place to be in South Tyrol if you want to make the most of hiking. The hiking offer is unique across all the Alps. The hiking seasons kicks off in March and ends in November, offering a mountain of experiences (pardon the pun) for all tastes: a varied and mostly contracting landscape and programme is waiting just for you. Regardless of your age, whether you are on your own, with family or friends, the time has come to wear your hiking boots and discover the palms, olives, and the imposing summits and rolling hills and meadows. What are you waiting for?

the seasons of the year

An ocean of petals and colours

Spring is in the air and well know what that means: our favourite season of the year has arrived. Nature awakens from its slumber, the days grow longer, and walking across the sea of blooming apple flowers and the slow thawing of the frozen lakes warms the cockles of our heart. Mind you, we have a soft spot for summer, too. The bracing mountain air, the unique energy and buzz of the mountain lodges, and the special feeling of happiness upon conquering a summit are something you rarely find anywhere else. And then, ah, autumn with its explosion of colours: apples and chestnuts roll to the edge of the road, as though caught unaware, red and yellow light up the forest, and farmers get ready for the harvest. And then… winter. You know what? Every season is the best in the year.

our favourite hikes

An overview of the most beautiful hikes

There seem to be countless hiking opportunities, so we rolled up our sleeves and chose our favourites in Termeno and its surroundings. But let us tell you, it was not a walk in the park! The result is a mix of beautiful contrasts which will satisfy even the most demanding hiker: from ‘ice holes’ to waterfalls, coasting castles, farms and huts, surrounded by nature and local culture. And the Dolomites, ah the Dolomites: how could we forget them?

Good company

Guided hikes between March and October

The local tourism bureau offers a varied hiking programme with four guided hikes per week between March and October. Family-friendly hikes or excursions to discover the mountain’s herbs, tours into the Dolomites or the wine hiking week in October: there is a hike for everyone, all in good company and accompanied by expert guides. And if that were not enough, hiking enthusiasts can pop over into the neighbouring regions and make the most of the varied weekly programmes on the South Tyrolean ‘Wine Road’.


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