Hammertour Gantkofel | 102

Hammertour Gantkofel 

67.2 km
1440 m
2290 m
6 h 45 min

The tour up the Gantkofel is not for the faint of heart. After you’ve reached the pass via the Mendel cable car without any effort, you set off. From now on, you won’t be gifted any more meters in altitude. You have to be strong and carry on! You are almost always pedalling in the lowest gear.

But that’s good. Not every tour is for everyone. The first 400 metres up to Penegal are on a tarred road, then it’s all trails, uphill and downhill. It gets really tough, but the reward is mostly deserted paths and lots of peace and quiet in the forest. Not to mention the magnificent view from the Gantkofel. Afterwards you cycle back the same way and at the Prinzenhütte continue straight on towards Regole Malosco. From there you cycle back to the Mendel Pass and then 1000 meters downhill to Tramin. What a pleasure. 

Demanding tour with many trails

Mostly deserted paths and lots of peace and quiet

Unbelievable views from Merano to the Dolomites

Refreshment stops: Cappuccino at Penegal with amazing views, Rifugio Regole or Falchetto


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