Eislöcher & Höhenwege | 107

Cool challenge for every biker

54.6 km
1370 m
1370 m
5 h 9 min

Past Lake Kaltern, you roll gently uphill to Eppan. Here you will climb up the sharp curves to the Gleifkirche (church). Passing the natural phenomenon of the Eislöcher (ice holes), you will reach the Steinegger Inn via a steep trail and continue uphill to the meadows of Buchwald. This is where the Eppaner Höhenweg begins. The path is narrow and covered with steps and roots. After the Furglauer gorge, there is a short pushing section. From here the trail goes up and down on trails until you reach the Mendel Pass road. Whoever rides everything here is a master of the trade.

There is no danger of falling, everything is safe. But just managing these short technical climbs is a challenge in itself. The descents over natural trails compensate a thousand times over. The Kalterer Höhenweg is easier uphill. It’s all forest road. The mountain passages are wonderfully flowing and can be ridden by almost any biker. Via the Präzollsteig you come to the Altenburg sports zone. Now master the secret sharp curve passage and then enjoy an ice cream on the way back to Lake Kaltern.

Detour to the natural phenomenon of the ice holes on the way

Flowing trails that can be ridden by almost any biker.

Especially in summer, cooling off in the ice holes is perfect

Tip for refreshment: Kalterer Höhe


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