To Kurtatsch | W5

Landscape and culture
in one hike

10 km
240 m
240 m
2 h 45 min

From the hotel you go up to the festival square and follow the Höllental creek. You can decide whether you walk along the left bank or the right bank. If you go left, you cross the stream where the asphalt road to Söll turns right. A little further up, signs point to Kastelaz. The little church of St. Jacob is definitely worth a visit. From the church about 100 meters back and you turn sharply left at a signpost “Kastelaz Rundweg”.

Only go halfway around the hill and then descend on the right at a small table and a short flight of stairs. Follow the sign “WK” or “Trimm-dich-Pfad” until you reach Kurtatsch. At the first houses and at the well, the way leads back to Tramin on the left.

But a detour to the village center is a must. From the upper edge of the village center about 30 meters higher, a sign points to the right “Tramin T”. Through wineries, past the hamlet of Rungg, it’s back to the hotel.

St. Jacob church with its beautiful Frescoes

Leisurely hike ideal for a short discovery tour

Pleasantly to the neighboring village and back again

Pit stops: Hofschank zur Pergola, Kastelaz Keller


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