Stoanernen Mandln | W202

Infinite stone pyramids

9.5 km
500 m
500 m
3 h 30 min

The Sarntal valley is rich in tales, legends and myths. The hiking trail begins to the left of the parking lot (sign “Auener Alm” no. 2), whereby the first meters are still on paved road. Soon you will reach the Auener Alm (1798 m) via a forest path. If you want to shorten the tour, you can turn left about ten minutes after the start and climb up to the alp on a steeper path. From the hut you hike slightly uphill to the Auener Joch (1926 m). Now follow the signs to the left to the “Stoanernen Mandln”. The path increases in gradient and becomes stonier. Then you stand in the middle of the stone figures and let their mysterious magic work its magic on you. According to legend, an enraged witch who was wreaking havoc on the mountain once turned the peasants into stone men. They had erected a large cross to drive her away. Today the army of stone statues numbers over 100 rock figures and every year there are more. From the Mandln, follow trail no. 23A, first across a green carpet of lush cattle pastures and then down a steep, stony path to the Möltner Kaser hut (1806 m).

The way back – at the beginning flat through the forest, later moderately ascending – leads along the European long-distance hiking trail E5 (also no. 4) back to the Auener Joch. There you take the already known path to the Auener Alm and hike back until you reach the parking lot again.

The hike to the Stoanernen Mandln takes you back to a time when witches were still wreaking havoc in the Sarntal valley.

Popular hike with families

360° view from the summit

Starting point: Sarner Ski hut
Pit stops: Auener Alm, Möltner Kaser


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