Neumarkt – Mazon | W108

To the heart of
the Pinot Noir

7.5 km
300 m
300 m
2 h 30 min

Your hike starts in Neumarkt. From the center of the village, the Mazon walking trail leads uphill to the Kaldiff ruins. According to legend, several treasures are still buried within the walls of the ruin. After your visit you walk down to the Villner stream, to the Lochmühle. The hike continues to the natural monument Pinzoner Egger: a dry grassland with similar floristic conditions as Castelfeder.

In the middle of vineyards (by the way, these are the best vineyards for a good Pinot Noir) you continue and pass the Saltner hut. The Saltner is a person who protected the vineyards in former times. Then you come to the small village of Pinzon. In the square there is the Pinzon cellar, painted with beautiful mythical creatures.
We continue to Mazon, the heart of the Pinot Noir region. Via the Gebirgsjägerstraße and then the Geigerhäuslweg we then return to Neumarkt.

Idyllic, small villages with nice houses

Natural monument Pinzoner Egger and picturesque little church in Mazon

Starting point: Neumarkt
Pit stop: Pinzoner Keller, and finally the best ice cream at the Arlecchino


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