Neumarkt – Caldiff | W109

A ruin with a lot of history

8 km
320 m
320 m
2 h 18 min

The destination of your hike is the ruin Kaldiff, located between Mazon and Pinzon – above Neumarkt. The start is on the Fleimstaler street opposite the domestic science school. Trail no. 3 starts from here and takes you to Mazon and the Kaldiff ruins.

First you walk between houses, then you walk below a vineyard. On the left you can see our beautiful wine village Tramin and behind it the Mendel Mountains with the highest point of the Roen. The path now leads you through vineyards and gives you a view of almost the entire Unterland and Überetsch. You now arrive at a crossroads at a farm. From the right you see the path which leads from Mazon to the ruins. Turn left and walk directly towards the ruins. It won’t be long before you arrive at the Kaldiff ruin in the forest.

You can visit the ruins of Kaldiff. However, not much is left of the former Kaldiff manor: the outer walls, some partially buried cellars, the beginnings of the former ceilings, some frescoes…

After your visit, continue along path no. 15. Past a chicken farm, to a plain where there is a large relatively flat meadow, with a wonderful view of the villages beyond the Adige River: Tramin, Kurtatsch, Kaltern. Now you walk past an apiary and continue in the direction of the waterfall (no. 5B and then no. 5). You will reach an asphalt road, which you follow steeply uphill until you reach the crossroads with trail no. 7. Here you could follow the road to stop at the Buschenschank Wasserfall. Either before or after your stop, turn right and continue in the direction of the waterfall.

The waterfall is located deep in a valley. A wooden bridge, which gives a view down to the stream bed, leads you over the rushing stream. Now you continue in the direction of Mazon following the forest path to the south.

The forest trail leads to a forest path, which still leads you in a southerly direction to Mazon. At the end of the trail, you will come across the Kuckuckshof wine tavern at a forestry pole, where you can also stop for a bite to eat. Now you have to walk along the asphalt road until you reach the village of Mazon. Here you turn right and walk along a wheat field and vineyards in the direction of the ruins of Kaldiff until you reach the crossroads at the farm. Here you take the path on your right and return to the center of Neumarkt.

Rather short, very easy except for a short somewhat exposed area

Magnificent view of the South Tyrolean low lands

Recommended, especially in autumn and spring

Starting point: Neumarkt
Pitstop: Buschenschank Wasserfall and Kuckuckshof


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