Maria Weißenstein | W137

A well-known place of pilgrimage

The hike from Petersberg to Maria Weissenstein is an easy walk with a beautiful view of the pilgrimage site. You start from the village square in Petersberg. Take trail S up to the Pichlwiese, here turn left to the place of pilgrimage Maria Weissenstein. Follow pilgrim trail no. 1 back to the starting point in Petersberg.

Easy hike with beautiful view to the place of pilgrimage

Hiking in higher altitudes

There are hourly fairs in Italian and German

start: Petersberg
Pit stop: restaurant Weissenstein

GPX-Track -km, -m GPX

50 100 150 200 5 10 15 Entfernung (km) Höhe (m)
Name: Keine Daten
Entfernung: Keine Daten
Minimalhöhe: Keine Daten
Maximalhöhe: Keine Daten
Höhengewinn: Keine Daten
Höhenverlust: Keine Daten
Dauer: Keine Daten

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