Through the Kurtatscher Leitn | 203

Ever heard of the “Leitn”?

15.8 km
210 m
220 m
1 h 9 min

You start your quite flat tour heading South to the neighboring Kurtatsch. Your trip takes you through nature through the Kurtatscher Leitn. “Leitn” is how we locals refer to the vineyards. The village center of Kurtatsch might not be big but it is rustic. A quaint and beautiful wine village. We reccoment the vineyard Tiefenbrunner as a beautiful pitstop. A bit more South in the village of Magreid you can marvel at the oldest vine in Europe, a true ure vine.

Tour across the Leitn of vines

village center of Kurtatsch – a quaint wine village

Ure vine (the oldest vine in Europe) located in Margreid

Pit stop: Vineyard Tiefenbrunner


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