montiggl und wild man | 10

Forest, lakes, trails and farsightedness

39.5 km
750 m
748 m
3 h 30 min

The tour to the Montiggler Lakes looks easy at a first glance. But watch out, because this forest hides a few difficulties, some of which are built into this tour! From Tramin past Lake Kaltern, the tour takes you through orchards and vineyards into the Montiggl forest – we also call it the trail labyrinth. On a small ridge you pass the two lakes to the north and go around the “Wilder Mann Hügel”. Here you pass two great vantage points. At the first you can see the city of Bozen and the endless apple fields of the Unterland (area below Bozen). At the second, your gaze sweeps over the moraine landscape of Eppan all the way to Meran. The trails on this loop are not that difficult yet.

Now it’s back time to head back to the two Montiggler Lakes where a short break and cooling down certainly won’t hurt. So don’t forget your swimming trunks and off you go into the cool water. Continue south on an up-and-down trail, passing a quarry and the Langmoos. Once again up a forest road and from now on downhill on forest roads and not quite easy trails (S2) to Lake Kaltern.

Varied tour

Swimming possibilities in the lakes

Great viewpoints

Pitstops: Jausestation Kleiner Montiggler See and “Kiosk” or Gretl at Lake Kaltern


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