Regole Wiesen | W127

Leisurely hike in the forest

10 km
220 m
220 m
1 h 30 min

The starting point is the Mendel Pass near Ruffré. Follow the path marked n. 2 and 515 uphill for a short distance in the direction of Penegal and then turn left onto a pleasant, almost flat forest path (Sentiero dei siori – water path). After passing the Tranzi wood spring, you descend about 120 meters in altitude and arrive directly at the Regole meadows. On the vast meadows surrounded by beautiful larch woods, there are small huts and three places to stop for refreshments: The Falchetto Inn and the Rifugio Regole and La Monteson huts. In the afternoon you go back along the same path.

Forest hike from the Mendel Pass to the Regole larch meadows

Ideal for the summer when it’s hot in the valley

From time to time you catch a great view of the Non Valley

Starting point: Mendel Pass
Pit stops: Restaurant Falchetto, Rifugio Regole


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