Hike to Söll | W10

Vineyards, vineyards everywhere vineyards

6 km
210 m
210 m
2 h 0 min

From the Traminerhof you start next to the Höllental stream uphill. Opposite the Hotel Winzerhof you enter the Geoweg. Follow the gravel road, past the vines, uphill, past Rechtenthal Castle, which is further to your right. Always uphill until you reach a crossroads, where a narrow path on the right leads you up into the forest. The last part goes up over steps.

Then you descend again a little bit on asphalted road until you reach the “Drei Häusern”. Keeping left you continue towards Söll to the Maratscherhof. Cross-country you descend to the Kolbenhof. Through the vineyards you continue up to Söll. At the Plattenhof restaurant you can stop for a meal. Afterwards, you return to Tramin along the nature discovery trail.

Hike through vineyards

Nature discovery trail as a way back to the hotel

Great view of the valley and the lake

Pit stop: Plattenhof


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