Castle route – Perdonig | W123

Appiano, the village of the nobles and counts

16.5 km
580 m
580 m
5 h 0 min

You start your circular walk in the centre of St. Michael’s in front of the village church and walk towards the ice rink. There you hike high above the Way of the Cross (marked 8B) past Freudenstein Castle up to Appiano Mountain. Before you reach Kreuzstein you turn right, on trail nr. 8A to the Burgenweg and on this to the Burgendreieck. Passing Boymont Castle you head north to Hocheppan Castle. From here continue on trail nr. 12 to Perdonig. Just above the Kasererhof you turn left and follow the forest road (marker 8) in a slight up and down to Appiano. From Steinegger turn left and down to Schulthaus Castle. Along the Furglauerbach stream you return to the starting point.

The witnesses from earlier times: castle Boymont and Hocheppan

Beautiful circular walk with views

Right through the vineyards with a view of the Schlern & Co

start: car park Tetter, St. Michael
Pit stop: castle Boymont, castle Hocheppan, restaurant Steinegger


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