Meticulous. Good. Burned: Hansi’s fruit brandies from Plonhof

Since 2007 Hansjörg Weis has been distilling fine distillates in his small private distillery. Under the strictest quality requirements, rare brandies are produced which win renowned prizes abroad.

In the past, distilling schnapps was a hobby of many South Tyroleans. Especially the Unterlandler (editor’s note: those South Tyroleans who live in the Etsch Valley south of the provincial capital, e.g. in Tramin) have always been known for their idiosyncratic distilling culture. In those days there was a lot of experimentation, but today most distillers are concerned with conjuring up great quality in small glasses. One distiller who has made a name for himself in the high-proof industry in recent years is Hansjörg Weis from Tramin. Together with his family he distils with feeling and strong volume: fine distillates of quince, plum, rowanberry and Williams pear. Decisive for these literally excellent distillates is not only the best fruit, but also experience and talent in distilling. The crux of the matter: a lot of fruit and a lot of work don’t bring much schnapps. Thus, 0.35 litres contain a whole 8 kilograms of fruit. Crazy, isn’t it? And so it happens that the Plonhof private distillery produces only 1,500 bottles a year, which understandably sell out quickly. So it pays off to ask for them at Bar 62. And anyone interested in a tour of the small distillery is always welcome. A short registration is sufficient.


Josef von Zallingerstraße 25
39040 Tramin

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