Tramin Präzollsteig | 6

The Präzollsteig

19.4 km
680 m
680 m
2 h 30 min

From the hotel, you’ll make your way up to Söll and continue along the tarred road until you get above Altenburg. Here you follow the Höhenwanderweg trails and the forest and hiking trails – past a bridge and the forester’s lodge Ziegelstadel. Via the forest road Rotwand you reach the start of the Präzollsteig where you continue over hairpin bends to the sports zone of Altenburg/Kaltern. The Kardatscher Weg downhill then leads to the Kalterer See lake. The ideal trail for lovers of hairpin bends. At the lake you then treat yourself to a fresh drink at the “Kiosk”. You cycle back to Tramin via the lakeside hiking trail and through the fields along the apple orchards.

Magnificent views

Beautiful hairpin bend descent

Tips for refreshments: Waldschenke in Altenburg and „Kiosk“ or Gretl at Lake Kaltern


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