To the cradle of Pinot Noir | 215

Mazon, the home of the nobile Pinot Noir

24.4 km
240 m
240 m
2 h 0 min

The tour takes you along the cycle path to the other side of the valley to Neumarkt and then uphill to the small village of Mazon. From the little church, which is surrounded by vineyards in a very idyllic place, you have a beautiful view of the valley and Lake Kaltern. After your stop you go downhill and back to the other side of the valley to Entiklar near Kurtatsch. Here you can stop for refreshments at the Tiefenbrunner winery and estate. Finally, you cycle through orchards and vineyards back to Tramin.

Beautiful view from the little church of Mazon to the valley and the lake

Ice cream at Arlecchino’s

Pit stop: Weingut Tiefenbrunner, Entiklar


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