From the Mendel Pass into the valley

18 km
110 m
1120 m
1 h 0 min

In order for you to not just take down the pass road or (even worse) take the cable car on your descent from the Mendel Pass, here is an easy downhill option. At the beginning you have to choose the pass road, there is no way around it. You will soon pass hairpin bend number 7 and now the fun part begins, the wild rocky section. At the end of this section there are two S-curves, after which you take the path on the right down into the valley. Keep going in the direction of Kaltern until you reach Altenburg. Via Söll, take the tarred road through the vineyards to the Traminerhof.

1200 metres of downhill fun

Descent with a view of the Dolomites

Tips for refreshments: Waldschenke in Altenburg, Plattenhof in Söll


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