Foto: WOM Medien, Andreas Meyer

off we go, not a care in the world

Our guide to living life to the fullest: stress-free guided tours

Look, it is not that hard: no maps, no GPS devices, and no website knows as much as our bike region as we do. We already know which tour suits you best – and which one will be unforgettable – while you are still opening your laptop or deciding if your map is the right way up. So, hop onto the saddle, and follow us as we guide you across some of the most beautiful places and exciting trails.

Foto: WOM Medien, Andreas Meyer

a match made in heaven

Experience the trails up close

Every biker has been there before: the crushing disappointment when the carefully researched tour is either too easy or too demanding. Well, that will not happen with us. Biker’s word! We will only take you on trails that are perfect for you; and if you still happen to be underwhelmed or panting for breath, nothing stops us from changing the trail mid-route. We always have another alternative up our sleeves. Imagine coming back to the hotel of an evening, when you have given it your all on the bike – and enjoyed stunning views, to boot. Wow, what a feeling, eh?

Espresso or CAppuccino

What kind of coffee are you?

We have two daily groups that explore the bike region near Termeno and Lake Caldaro. If you are an Espresso, get ready to rumble and push as hard as it gets; if you like it mellow and sweet, the Cappuccino group may be the right one for you. Every single one of our tours, between 600 and 2,000 m elevation gain, is tailored-made. And with an average of 4.2 people per guide, there is something for everyone.

technique, technique, technique

Be as good as you can get, and then try harder

Time to take the training wheels off and face reality: every trail is so much more fun the more confident you are when riding. There is nothing better in the world than taking a sharp turn in the road, or overcoming an obstructed part or a uneven terrain with ease. Nobody is too good or too bad for our technical tips – and at the end, everyone will be better. No doubts about that.

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