To the Überetscher Hut | W121

The highest balcony of

14.5 km
490 m
490 m
4 h 30 min

Broad, dominating and almost vertical, it rises high above Tramin into the sky, the east face of the Roen, built of dolomite from the Mendel. But about 400 meters below the summit a kind of balcony jumps forward, a green ledge with some trees, and on it stands the Überetscher Hut.

From the Mendel Pass (1363 m; both road and cable car from Kaltern lead up here) in a beautiful forest hike on trail no. 521, then on the forest trail with the same markings almost level to the beautifully situated Romeno-Alm (also Roen-Alm; 1773 m; Restaurants) and on the good trail in 15 minutes through the forest level to the Überetscher Hut (1775 m; summer operation); from Halbweg Hut 1 hour, from Mendel Pass 2 hours – return like the way there; similar walking time.

Tour in higher altitude

Superb view from the Übertersch Hut and delicious alpine cuisine

If desired you can also exptend this Tour to the Roen

Starting point: Mendel Pass
Pit stop: Überetscher Hut


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