from 29.06.-28.07. 2024

Summer, sun, and sunshine. Everyone knows this quote, and it is more fitting for July than any other month. Breakfast and dinner outdoors on our Mediterranean terrace. Hikes and bike tours at all altitudes, along with our special offer. Doesn’t that bring out summer vibes?

Included in the offer:

Price list

Apple & Style as single room (ca. 28 m²) from € 870,-
Apple & Style (ca. 28 m²) from € 715,-
Terrazza Lodge (ca. 46 m²) from € 755,-
Doppelzimmer Weinberg (ca. 23 m²) from € 705,-
Komfortzimmer St. Jakob (ca. 30 m²) from € 740,-
Panorama-Suite Weißhorn (ca. 40 m²) from € 765,-
Panorama-Suite Roen (ca. 40 m²) from € 765,-

The prices are per person, package included. Please also note our price remarks and AGB.